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Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone Nation Park

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Start Here  >>Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Online Tour

(1/17) The Grand Canyon of the ____________________________ River expresses the park’s complex geologic history in dramatic colors and shapes.

(2/17) About ____________________________years ago, a huge volcanic eruption occurred in Yellowstone, emptying a large underground chamber of ________________(partially molten rock). Volcanic ash spread for thousands of miles in a matter of _______________.

(4/17) For an unparalleled canyon and waterfall experience, take a deep breath and descend this trail. A series of paved declines and more than ________steps lead you about ________feet (150 m) down into the canyon.

(5/17) This easy walk takes you to two viewpoints of the Upper Falls, which drops _________ ft (33 m) over a lip of volcanic rock.

(9/17) Depending on the time of year, anywhere between ______________________gallons per second.

(14/17) Turn right on a two-way road that takes you to this viewpoint. Enjoy the wheelchair-accessible view along the edge of the parking lot. The original Inspiration Point overlook tumbled into the Canyon during an __________________________ in the 1970s.

>>Old Faithful Area Online Tour the tour and draw a line to connect the geyser with the description on the right.

Giantess Geyser -produces periodic vibrations underfoot

Doublet Pool -on the bank of the Firehole River

Plume Geyser -eruptions preceded by steam and a deep roaring sound

Beehive Geyser -People have thrown in tons of coins, trash, rocks, and logs

Heart Spring -during eruption, narrow cone acts like a nozzle, projecting water

Lion Group of Geysers     -eruptions occur twice hourly and continue for 4 - 48 hours

Castle Geyser -named by park geologist George Marler

Giant Geyser -largest cone and may be the oldest of all geysers

Riverside Geyser -erupts about every 20 minutes. 3 - 5 quick bursts reach 25 ft

Morning Glory Pool -was dormant for many years

Inside Yellowstone Videos -- click on the [CC] for captions

>>What Makes Yellowstone, Yellowstone?

1-  What drives the geyser activity in Yellowstone?        ______________________________

2-  The high Yellowstone Plateau is frequently struck by _____________________________

3- The high areas catch abundant ___________________________ which creates streams.

>>Inside Yellowstone—Coyote or Wolf?

4- These two carnivores compete for __________________________________________

5- _________________ are notorious for running ___________________ away from their kills.

6-  A wolf is ___________ times larger than a coyote.

7- Coyotes have a _______________________ snout and ears.

>>Inside Yellowstone—Bears

8- The park is home to two kinds of bears: _____________________ & ____________________

9-   It is dangerous and unlawful to _________________________ bears.

10- Bears fed nightly at _______________________________________   while visitors watched.

11- Grizzly bears often forage in open  __________________________.

12- Black bears prefer to stick to ______________________________ .

13- Keep at least _____________ yards from bears.

>>Inside Yellowstone –American Bison

14- They can run __________________________ miles per hour.

15- Their large heads are used as a ________________________.

16- Cow bison live in ____________________ that include calves.

17- Bison are always on the ____________________.

18- It is illegal to be closer than _____________ yards from bison.

>>Inside Yellowstone –Bugle of the Elk

19- Young bulls are called _____________________.

20- Bulls sport antlers that are _______________ feet wide.

Watch together

>>Predicting Old Faithful Video