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Michigan Field Trip 2

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

1.      How many men were on the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald when it sank?

2.      What piece of the ship was recovered in 1995 and is on display at the museum?

3.      What was the name of the ship that was in contact with the Coast Guard on November 10th, the day after the Edmund Fitzgerald sank?

Mackinac Bridge

4.      Check out the Bridge WebCam—what’s the weather like right now?

5.      Click on ABOUT THE BRIDGE then go to HISTORY OF THE BRIDGE.
What famous bridge built in New York in 1883 encouraged the backers of the Mackinac Bridge?

6.      Who designed the bridge?

7.      When was the bridge officially begun?

Behind the Dune Climb: Sleeping Bear Dunes/

8.      Did the sand from the Dune Climb come from Lake Michigan?

9.      What is the total height of the Dune Climb?

10.  Is there a house buried under the Dune Climb?