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Michigan Field Trip 1

The Mighty Mac
Click on Fort Michilimackinac

  1. The fort was originally built by the _____________________ in _______________  to control the _____________ trade.
  2. The Church of ________________________________ was built in _____________. 
  3. During the _________________________________ War, joint Native American and French forces from Michilimackinac traveled south to battle _____________ and _____________________________________ troops.
  4.             (read captions between pictures)                         Land Gate and palisade where _____________________________, _________________________ gained access to the Fort during the battle of 1763.  Heavily blanketed Indian women watched the _______________________________________ game from near the gate with _____________________ hidden under their blankets.

>Click BACK button, then Click on Fort Mackinac

  1. Fort Mackinac on ________________________________________________ was built by the ___________________________________________ Army under the direction of Patrick Sinclair during the __________________________ War.
  2. Fort Mackinac was turned over to the United States in 1796. But the fort and control of the Straits of Mackinac were recaptured without a battle during the _________________. 
  3. Fort Mackinac was abandoned during much of the Civil War, but during the summer of 1862 the fort served as a prison for _____________________________________.
  4. Mackinac National Park was established in 1875 as America's ___________________ national park, just three years after the establishment of _______________________. 

Mackinac Bridge

9.      Check out the Bridge WebCam—what’s the weather like right now?

10.      Click on ABOUT THE BRIDGE then go to HISTORY OF THE BRIDGE.
What famous bridge built in New York in 1883 encouraged the backers of the Mackinac Bridge?

11.      Who designed the bridge?

12.      When was the bridge officially begun?

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
>>Click on the Edmund Fitzgerald link >> click on About the Ship

13.      How many men were on the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald when it sank?

14.      What piece of the ship was recovered in 1995 and is on display at the museum?

15.      What was the name of the ship that was in contact with the Coast Guard on November 10th, the day after the Edmund Fitzgerald sank?

Keweenaw Michigan Field Trip

 16.    Circle each of the copper crystal forms found in the Keweenaw Peninsula?

Stacked Cube                                        Flattened Cubic Copper Crystals

Fracture Filling                                                   Copper Pearls                                            

Hollow Crystal                                   Statagmite Crystals          

Dendritic Growth                               Leaf Copper Crystals                   

Copper Amygdaloid Filling             Copper Wires                     

Half-Breed Slice                                 Beaver Crystals  

Pictured Rocks Cruise                                                                     


>>Click on each of the points on the tour timeline

Pt 1 – East Channel Lighthouse is on the south point of what island?        __________________________

Pt 2 – How big is the recreation area on the island?                                          __________________________

Pt 3 – What happened to Miners Castle in 2006?                                               __________________________

Pt 4 -- What three minerals in the water color the rock of Painted Coves? _________________________

Pt 6 – Is the water at the base of Lovers Leap deep enough to jump?      __________________________

Pt 7 – What plant coats the cracks in the Rainbow Cave walls?                     __________________________

Pt 9 – What kind of bird have a rookery or nest in the sandstone walls?  __________________________

Pt 11 – A series of rock formations look like a row of what kind of boat? __________________________

Pt 13 – Early explorers imagined giants playing what instrument                                __________________________
made out of this rock formation?

Pt 15 – How many trees grow in the middle of Chapel Rock?                        __________________________

Pt 16 – How tall is Spray Falls?                                                                                     __________________________


>>Click on other menu categories to find answers to these three questions…

What city do you go to for the cruise?                                                                    __________________________

How long does the cruise take?                                                                                 __________________________

In what year did formal boat tours of Pictured Rocks begin?                        __________________________

The Soo Locks

1. The Soo Locks connect what two lakes?      __________________________

2. In recent years, how many vessels pass through the locks annually?  __________________________

3. How many tons of cargo can a single ship carry ? _________________________

4. What percentage of the world's iron ore moves through the locks? ______________________

5. How many miles is the trip from Duluth, Minnesota to the Atlantic Ocean? _______________

6. How many days does the trip take? ___________________

7. In what year did the Northwest Fur Company construct the first lock? _______________

8. In 1852 the Fairbanks Scale Company built the next set of locks because of extensive interests in what? _____________

9. In 1877 the federal government took over the locks and reduced the toll to how much? _________________

10. What river connects Lake Superior with the other lakes? ________________________

11. How far does the water fall between Lake Superior and the other lakes? __________________

Hiking in Bear Country

1. What mountain range can be found along the shore of Lake Superior? ___________________

2. How do female bears decorate their dens? __________________

3. How deep is a bear den? __________________

4. What percentage of a bear's diet consists of plants? ___________________

5. How far will a bear roam for food? _____________________

6. How many calories a day does a hibernating bear burn? ____________________

7. How fast would you have to run to escape a bear? ___________________

Porcupine Mountains State Park

1. How many acres is the park? __________________________

2. How high should campers suspend their bear bags? ________________________

>>Click on the Link for LAKE OF THE CLOUDS

3. What river feeds the Lake of the Clouds? ___________________

4. Where does the lake eventually empty? ___________________

5. How long is the Porcupine Mountains Escarpment Trail? __________________

Tahquamenon Falls

1. Why is the water brown? ________________________

2. How many feet across are the upper falls? ________________________

3. How far do they drop? _____________________

4. Tahquamenon Falls State Park is between what two towns? ________________________